Sports Betting: 3 sports I like to bet on and the reason why

sports betting 3 sports

Sports Betting: 3 sports I like to bet on and the reason why, here’s the sports and the reason, and you’ll find out that’s worth betting for.



sports betting 3 sports

Football is by far the most popular sport to bet on, the main reason being that it is the most recognized and understood sport, played and watched all over the world.  Millions watch their favourite teams play week in week out and this is why it is such a popular sport when it comes to sports betting.  Football is my favourite sport, and for many like me, they have lived and breathed football most of their life.  Football is great for betting on because there are so many markets available to chose from.

If you are already watching the match anyway, it can be fun to have a bet on it so you can cheer on the team you want to win. I also find having a few ante-post bets at the beginning of the season, can make your bet last a very long time and make if fun to follow the results every week to see if you are getting closer to your bet coming in.  I find, as i follow my team closely, i get to know that particular league very well and feel i know more about some of the opposition and players than a bookmaker perhaps would, especially as the team i support is in the lower leagues and there is less knowledge of it.


Sports Betting: Tennis

sports betting 3 sports

Tennis is a fun sport to bet on, it is widely covered on tv and bookmakers often have streaming of many tennis matches at one time which means you can follow the matches and gauge how a certain player is performing.  Again like football, there are many betting opportunities and markets in this sport, i think it is best to bet live in play after seeing how things are progressing during the match.

If one player is serving particularly well in the match, you can back them to hold their serve, if a player looks like they may be playing with or have picked up an injury, then you can use that to your advantage and possibly get good odds still on the other player to win that game, set, match.  Also like football, i enjoy having ante-post bets on the Grand Slams in particular, to hopefully see my player progress through the tournament, knowing that I got the best odds on them betting before the start of the tournament.


Sports Betting: Basketball

sports betting 3 sports

One of the top 4 sports to bet on, basketball is a popular sport for betting where the rules of the game are simple. It can be a very lively and exciting sport to follow.  Due to it being such a fast paced game it makes for a lot of betting opportunities where the odds can swing both ways numerous times in the same match.

Betting on the points spread and game totals are the most popular bets on this sport, and if you are following the match, you can gauge how things are going, are less points are being scored that expected? Is one team missing their free throws often? Which team has the momentum? You can bet on the individual quarters which is good too.  Basketball betting also requires using math and analogy.  Learning how to interpret and analyse data helps when betting on this sport.

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