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Casino Share Review

100% up to $/€150

Casino Share is a portion of the well known Casino Rewards Group that operates many hundreds of online microgaming operated online casinos. In early 2021, it became part of the Premier Gaming Group that also operated Grand Casino and Players Palace Casino before being taken over by the new Rewards group.

Casino Share gained recognition as one of North America’s leading online poker room sites, offering a high quality game-playing experience to its registered players. As the company continues to grow, there are several changes being made to the site to continue to attract new clients and to continue to expand into new markets.


Casino Share Offer

To date, casino share is offered at a maximum of two hundred percent match up to a maximum of five hundred per cent of deposit bonuses. In addition, you have a choice between direct deposit and credit card comp points when you make your deposits. Each new player account is assigned a unique ID number after enrolling.

At present, there are no daily limits on the amount of cash bonus you can earn. There is an initial deposit bonus when you register but the maximum of twenty-five hundred per day is already the maximum daily bonus. There are no daily limits on the number of credit card purchases either. There are no age limits, transaction fees, or cancellation fees, and all bonuses are applied automatically on your monthly statement.

Another feature that makes casino share more appealing than other online casino sites is the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is an automatic deposit into your account, up to the maximum of five hundred per day. This bonus can be used to cover your initial deposit or for your regular betting expenses. There is no minimum withdrawal fee on the welcome bonus.


Microgaming Options to Play

The microgaming option on casino share allows you to play one of three games: live slots, video slots, or instant games. With the microgaming option, there are no live dealers, no icons for cash games, and no real cash value. The icons for instant games provide virtual casino value and the jackpots do not pay off in cash at any time, but only in virtual currency. With the live dealer feature, you can have the comfort of watching a live dealer and hear his commentary, without ever leaving your chair. Microgaming casinos also have separate chat rooms for each game, which provide you with the opportunity to socialize with fellow gamers while enjoying your favorite game.

Review of the different online casino sites and the bonuses they offer reveals some of their more attractive features. There is the Traditional Option, which has been around for over fifteen years and has the traditional deposit/withdrawal requirements. The Traditional Option requires a twenty-one day grace period from the date of your deposit before you may initiate another transaction. With the Traditional Option, your bonus may be returned if your wagering requirements are not met within the defined period.

The newer Option provides a much higher wagering requirement than the Traditional Option, which makes it an excellent choice for those just getting into online gambling. With the Microgaming feature, you will need to download the software yourself and, of course, meet all of the other wagering requirements. However, the Microgaming bonus is worth its weight in gold when you consider that you get an unlimited number of table games to play, so you never have to worry about being in a place where you are not able to play the games you desire. In fact, with the many options available through Microgaming casinos, there is bound to be an option that fits with your own personal gaming interests.

When comparing the different types of casino share offers, one of the best things to look for is the Bonus Buster. This is a bonus that pays out a significant amount of money upon signing up. This is the perfect way to build a bankroll and to begin experimenting with different online casino games. As you can see, there are a number of great things to see in a Microgaming review, including how Microgaming casinos work and why they are becoming so popular.

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