Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips (4)

Tennis Betting is one of the most popular form of sports betting. Here, you bet on the victory of one of the tennis players in the specific match. And, unlike football, a draw is not a possible result. So, the outcome can be only of winner of two tennis players, so your choices of putting a wager are more straight-forward – you bet on a contestant to win the game or lose. There is no third choice.


Things to consider when betting on tennis

Before you bet on tennis matches, you should remember a few things. First, review the history of the last performances of each tennis player: he played well in the last week or did not pass beyond the first round, giving not the strongest contenders. Second, carefully read the history of confrontation playing tennis. Sometimes it happens that one player in the world ranking is much lower than his eminent opponent, but his style of play is very inconvenient for the opponent. And in the end it is not always the strongest wins. This knowledge will help you to correctly assess the players’ chances of success in the specific match. This information is also useful if you decide to bet on sets or on the game.


Is it possible to predict the winner of the match?

Before the start or during the tennis tournament you predict its future winner and bet on it. It is worth taking into account that before the start of each tournament draw takes place. So you can roughly estimate what the opponents will come across one or another player on his way to the final. This will help you clearly present the most chances of a tennis player reaching the final.

For example, the main favorite of the tournament on the road can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable for him rivals. While not the strongest player can get quite comfortable way of tournament. Such cases are common. Before putting on the winner of a tournament, carefully read through the tournament grid.


Considering the type of tennis court surface in your betting strategy

It is also important that the coating is carried out on any match – on grass, hard court or clay.

Grass – the fastest type of coverage, it is convenient for tennis players with a strong serve. Hard court also considered fast, but he’s a little slower than grass.

Primer – the slowest coating ATP-tour. Do not discount the fact that every tennis player has a favorite surface. And if playing great tennis player on the ground, not the fact that he will feel comfortable on fast courts. For example, the Briton Andy Murray excels on hard and grass. But as soon as the soil of the season, he ceases to remind one of the strongest players in the world.

Since draws in tennis is not provided, the coefficients of the favorites to win, as a rule, are not very high. Therefore some players collect express to get an acceptable rate. But it is important to understand that to do that, you should thoroughly study the subject of tennis betting. It is necessary to reduce the risk to a minimum.

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