The UK Gambling Commission Has Its Sight On Your Bonuses

The UK Gambling Commission Has Its Sight On Your Bonuses

The world might be on lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped the UK Gambling commission from dishing out new guidance for its online gambling licensees.

Even during this current pandemic limbo, it has issued new orders, including tighter measures on how to protect clients during this time.

Although the UKGC has claimed that “there is no evidence to suggest an increase in problem gambling”, the Commission has published some orders to help consumers play safely and stay safe. One such order is the prevention of reverse withdrawals.

Operators have also been ordered from offering bonuses or promotions to clients who are displaying ‘indicators of harm’ or those whose gameplay exceeds more than one hour in a single session.

Should you be worried? Not really. Keep on reading to learn more about how the new changes can affect you.


The UK Gambling Commission and Protection of Players

The UK Gambling Commission’s main aim has always been to prevent underage gambling and to protect vulnerable players from any potential risk.

Although the tightening up of internet gambling laws is nothing new, it won’t stop you or any players from legally visiting gambling sites. When you sign up to a new website, you will be subject to the new procedures. You will also be properly vetted before you can make more deposits or request withdrawals.


It’s not so simple to chill with no deposit bonuses from UK sites anymore. They are still available in abundance, but you must also supply and verify your account to take advantage of such offers. In the past, players simply completed their registration process and started playing games right away. This is no longer the case. To claim a no deposit bonus, you must also make a deposit to withdraw any winnings.

It is a well-known fact that players can no longer withdraw their winnings willy-nilly. As part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, players must provide proof of address, payment and identification. These measures are all in place to ensure that no underage gambling takes place.

This system compared the information inputted by the player against national databases. It goes on to prove that the person is who they claim to be and that the funds are legitimate. It also supplies an extra layer of protection by safeguarding you against money-laundering.

One other prominent recent change was the ban of credit cards from casino sites. Players are no longer able to place deposits using their credit cards and instead can only opt for debit cards, e-Wallets or prepaid vouchers.


More Measures: It’s a necessary evil

Although some operators might kick their heels at the latest measures, the regulations from the UK Gambling Commission are there to ensure that the online gambling world is a safe and secure place for everyone.

Sure, there will be extra steps before you can reach your casino bonus, no deposit bonus or free spins, which might frustrate a player or two. However, once you get over that hurdle, the grand casino bonus offer will be yours to enjoy.